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Chart A New Course

BALDWIN CAREER SERVICES positions candidates to interview for and land jobs that excite them. We provide candidates with the core tools needed for any successful career search:

a professional and strategic resume,

a confident interview plan,

and an understanding of marketable strengths.

We principally serve candidates seeking employment in business and professional services industries but will consider all candidates.



Director's Letter

Job changes mark an exciting point in one’s life – the search for a new challenge, a new adventure. But for most people, this excitement is buried beneath a swirl of questions:

- Am I qualified for the job I want?
- Will my resume match-up to other candidates?
- How do I position myself in an interview?

I believe most job fears and uncertainties are unfounded... provided  the candidate has the right tools, the right strategy, and (most importantly) confidence in themselves.

Ten years ago, I began coaching clients on a better way to tackle a job search. My strategies are based on lessons learned over 15 years in the corporate world, interviewing numerous candidates (and being interviewed a few times myself). I started Baldwin Career Services because I love helping people land jobs they love. If you’re beginning a career search, facing a big interview, or in need of some resume revision, I can help. The job you want may be well within your reach.

- Chris Baldwin | Director - Baldwin Career Services


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